The Legal Professional Concepts

2. August 2023 Allgemein

The lawyer principles are a set of twelve core beliefs, norms and behaviors that characterise the behaviour of lawyers. They are partly essential and disciplinary in character, but also constitutive and descriptive for the reason that they explain a solicitor’s professional part.

They are fundamentally concerned with the integrity for the profession, its independence from government domination as well as role in safeguarding individuals rights. The observance of the lawyer principles is important to the fulfilment of lawyers‘ duty to uphold the rule of law and protect the interests of clients.

A legal representative should certainly advise his client properly and faithfully. It is unethical for a attorney to adopt a case not having sufficient preparation, or to correct professional service fees on the basis of risky calculations rather than upon an in depth examination of the facts of the matter.

Lawyers needs to be allowed to accomplish their functions freely minus hindrance both equally within their countries and in another country, including flexibility to travel also to consult with their clientele. They should not undergo intimidation, harassment or the wrong type of interference with their practice and in addition they should not be recognized with their clientele or their causes.

Solicitors should be liberal to express the ideas publicly on matters of legislations and general population policy and form and join local, national or international organizations additional resources and organizations for the campaign of rights, human rights and primary freedoms. They must be able to do this without battling discrimination because of race, colorway, sex, ethnic source, religion, political or other opinion, nationality, property, your pregnancy or public status.